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Good Lawd, I just go re-addicted (can you get “re-addicted”?) to Firefox’s best add-on “StumbleUpon”. It just adds a toolbar with a button that takes you to random pages that other users have flagged — you can give each page the thumbs up or thumbs down as you go along. It’s been around for a while, but I must’ve deleted it. Either way, it’s kept me up ’till now. Go get it.

New Mixtape Singles

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I uploaded Rap Basement’s widget onto a separate page labeled “music” — you can use it to play several new singles off the newest mixtapes. Pretty good stuff.

The link to the music page is off to the right, or you can click here:

Boomer Sooner

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Bradford wins Heisman

Bradford wins Heisman

Sam Bradford won the Heisman tonight, even though he was 2nd to Tim Tebow in 1st place votes. Oklahoma great Steve Owens went nuts on stage screaming “Boomer” the whole time. Hopefully, Bradford won’t be affected by the “Heisman Curse” — I think I’ll be going to Miami as a Witch Doctor:

Voodoo witch Doctor

Voodoo witch Doctor

Lebron James — Nike After Six

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One of the best commercials I’ve ever seen — props to Adrian for finding it:

Yankees 1-Up Mets

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I’m not really suprised — I’m a big Mets fan so I kinda saw the Yankees big move coming (especially with all of the money they have freed up with the loss of Giambi, Mussina, and Petit). I never expected them to land C.C. Sabathia on a 7-year $161 million deal. That’s astronomical numbers; good for C.C.

However, on the Yankee side of the deal, how’d they make out? There are the obvious arguments: money, length of contract, etc. And there are some interesting niches to this contract: Sabathia’s opt out clause after the 3rd year of his contract.

Is the opt out an ace-in-the-hole for the Yankees or Sabathia? If the Yankees want Sabathia gone after 3 can they “strongly encourage” him to opt out?

Check out Buster Olney’s article about it over on his ESPN blog.

*Edit: Apparently, Sabathia’s new contract is the richest in MLB history for a pitcher.

Oh my Gawd, Mets Land K-Rod

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Wow, this afternoon the New York Post reported that K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez) and the Mets have agreed to a “three-year, $37 million contract that will make K-Rod their closer”. This is the best news ever for a Mets fan – Santana+K-Rod. Now all they have to do is find one or two guys in the bullpen — they’ll be unstoppable.

You can see the New York Post’s original article here.Mr Met

This Guy’s Got Something To Say, Real Talk

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I strongly suggest you pay close attention — he makes a few decent arguments (not really):

And, part deux:


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